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In this 6 video series, you will learn:

  1. How to develop a personal college funding plan so you'll know exactly how college will be paid for.
  2. Optimal strategies based on where you fall in terms of need-based and merit-based financial aid.
  3. Advanced planning strategies: tax credits, maximizing Stafford loan benefits, and optimal 529 plan use.

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Customized College Funding Plan - $975

Don't have the time to research and implement everything on your own?  We can help!  We offer a Customized College Funding Plan, where we will:

  • Determine what resources you have to pay for college and the maximum amount you should spend
  • Calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) so you will understand your need-based financial aid available
  • Determine the best tactics for saving on the cost of college, based on your likely need-based and merit-based financial aid
  • Understand the tax strategies that would benefit your particular situation
  • Review which schools you are interested in that would best fit your college funding plan
  • Put it all together with a specific, 4-year college funding cash flow plan

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Need more financial planning beyond just college planning?  You're in luck!  We offer comprehensive, fee-only financial planning, investment management, and tax preparation services through CWOs for Hire.  Please visit or contact us directly for additional information.